Thursday, 28 January 2016

De Claris Sancte

Hello my lovelies!!

I'm here again with another relic book. Like I said I have just loved making these and really can't get enough. 

This notebook is called 'De Claris Sancte' which translates to The Lost Saint. 

Story Time

The legend of The Lost Saint is one that many have not heard of. True, the story to this day still lives on, but only amongst a select few, and they are searching. Searching for the infamous journal. The journal which, if found, could turn the world on its head.

 The story goes that Acacius was an alchemist, one far ahead of his time, but this was not widely known then. He practised in the public eye as a doctor. His cousin, who was a doctor, and also his trusted friend, travelled with him, he kept his secrets. They were both determined to help the poor with Acacius's gift. Revered by his peers, but put upon his pedestal by the richer classes. They worshipped him, and overtime he became known as a miracle worker, curing illnesses they had long given up on. Moving from town to town 'cleaning' them each from sickness... Performing miracles. 

The church believed he was touched by God. And so, he became a living Saint.

However, as time went on, and Acacias' 'miracles' grew, the church became fearful. The potential that someone could throw their power felt real and so, they sent a spy.

Acacius, being a wise man, managed to hide most of his workings and findings, knowing if it fell into the wrong hands, the power hungry could enslave the world, but not before the spy saw and had obtained a small amount of proof. The church could not revoke his Sainthood without destroying their own image, so they quietly ordered his silent execution. 

According to his cousin, Acacius was drugged and buried alive, well almost... (But that is a tale you need not hear today) After his death, Acacius' cousin took his most dangerous possessions, including the infamous journal, and ran... The Church were after it...

Acacius' cousin lived the rest of his life on the run, travelling from country to country, hiding what will now be relics, but most importantly the journal. 

It is believed, he left behind to a humble servant of a prominent household, his own journal, known as 'De Claris Sancte', with the understanding that it had to be past down his family, to the first born. Just a notebook, but riddled with clues and clippings from Acacius's journal. Those that have the 'gift' could hunt and track the relics and finally find Acacius' Journal, that could turn the world to a place of peace... or a place of ruin.

They are still waiting, still searching...

So yup, I had a story to tell with this one. I couldn't help it! As I was creating it just kept coming to life, and.... has made way for a sequel too :) Acacias' Journal.

More aged papers, more tea :)

Close up of the front, of The Lost Saint.

Hope you have enjoyed today's post (and story) :). If you would like details on the materials I used to make this 'aged relic', please pop across to A Sprinkle Of Imagination blog, where I will list the ingredients used.

Huge hugs


Friday, 22 January 2016

Libro Fidelitatis

And happy Friday!!

If you have come over from the IndigoBlu blog, then thank you so much for stopping by, it's great to see you here. To my followers, it is lovely as always to have you visit here! Big hugs xx

So down to business I guess... Well for this past year (or longer) I have been oggling the work of Luthien Thye from Altered Alchemy, if you have not seen her work, seriously this is something you won't want to miss.  Like her, I love drifting off to the land of fantasy or getting swept up in a magical book or film - currently I'm on Harry Potter Book 4, yup reading the entire collection, again!!

Anyways... her work has been hugely inspiring and I always wanted to try something like what she has done, and so... I have...

Let me introduce you to the book

Libro Fidelitatis 

(or translation 
The Book of Allegiance)

eek, what do you think?!! Be gentle :)

I owe Jenny (Pushing The Right Buttons) a beautiful thank you, as I wasn't sure how to integrate the heart, and in her infinite wisdom, suggested some metals! Thank you!! xx

This is going to be a little photo heavy so I will keep the words short and sweet now...

The gorgeous papers that have made this are Cartographer by IndigoBlu and very soon to be released, trust me these are already a firm favourite and can see myself having so much fun with them.

Side view showing handmade papers for this notebook deliciously filling this book

All pages were plain white when they started.... cuppa tea anyone? ;)

I have used three IndigoBlu stamps to try and add a worn, ancient and mysterious feel to them.
Two are from the new release of Tasty Textures, which is now available too!! The other is the gears from Clockwork.

This one you can see the script stamp, combined with the gears a little better. Of course the point of this is distressed, so lots of light touch, second generation stamping.

The black/grey smudge was a happy coincidence when ageing the pages, turns out I don't clean my oven pans as thoroughly as I thought! 

Hand stitched!! :) 

I'm quite pleased with this little book, and I'm going to hate to part with it too, with it being my first one. However , I learnt so much and can't wait to get started on my next one.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend,


Saturday, 16 January 2016

Winter Flower Canvas

Hi Ladies

My turn over at A Sprinkle of Imagination today :) If you have time please head over and check out my project. 

So how has everybody been since Christmas? I've noticed a distinct lack of mojo with my art, but I think it's slowly coming back. Starting to feel the bug again, especially with the releases from CHA starting to peek through. How cool are some of those products looking?!!

This project uses loads of Prima goodies, including their Bloom Sprays and Finnabair Mediums/Glitters.

Used my last one of these :( sooooooo need some more ;)

Yummy 7 Dots Studio Messy Head paper to create a cool background! 

Hope you're having a fab start to the weekend, I'll be checking around soon again. I think going forward for visiting your lovely works I will probably do one big hit a month, so you'll probably see me ransack your blog in one go, but please don't think I've forgotten you. That can NEVER happen :)
Much love

I'd like to enter this in

The Prima Product Pick Challenge for January 2016,  ( hugely inspiring - thank you Prima :) )

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